Largely a self-taught gardener, my love of growing food comes from my childhood and from my dad who was a passionate vegetable grower. He not only passed his enthusiasm onto me but also his plants; all my soft fruit bushes were originally cuttings from him, and some of my vegetables are from seeds he saved & I’ve continued saving. I love this aspect of gardening, growing heritage varieties, and saving seed to be passed down future generations, the plants becoming more resilient each year which is now more important than ever in our changing climate. I believe strongly in growing as a therapeutic activity, and am so pleased we can offer this to volunteers at the farm. Working outdoors is so beneficial, and although the work can be physically demanding, it’s always rewarding, every time a seed germinates, or a vegetable grows full size.

The seasonal offerings in every Lovebrook veg bag are delightful. I can taste the happiness in every vegetable, having been sown and grown in a completely natural and wholesome way.

— Charlie

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